Brisket University!

When Brisket University reached out to me to come experience a class, I was super excited! As a college counselor in real life, I couldn’t believe I had never heard of this dream university 🙂 Not only do they teach you how to smoke your own perfect Texas brisket, but they also educate you on the process so thoroughly that you leave as a Certified Pit-Master! If only I could start to tell my students that they could major in brisket in college…

My exposure to brisket before moving to Texas was centered around enjoying the delicacy during Jewish holidays. My parents, grandparents, and family friends, seemed to use any holiday as an excuse to bake up their favorite brisket recipe. While Jewish style brisket will always have a nostalgic place in my foodie heart, it is hard to compare a baked brisket to a smoked brisket. When I sheepishly asked my legendary award winning Pit- Master instructor, Scott, about his thoughts on baked brisket, he told the class, “You will lose your man card”. I’m pretty sure he also meant you will also lose your “Texan card”. 

Our class took place on a beautiful sunny Sunday morning at Town In City Brewing, the oldest brewery in the Heights. We each received a beer token with the class and it was my first time at the brewery. I loved the outdoor patio and their amber beer so I will be back.  

During the class I learned SO much about the entire smoked Texas brisket process. A proper smoked brisket can take hours of low and slow TLC. They recommend 1 hour of smoke time per pound of brisket. The pitmasters  suggest checking on your brisket after every two beers you enjoy, that is a method I can get behind! You also have to check your fire box regularly, approximately every 30 minutes. Tending to a brisket is a serious job that requires patience, discipline, and of course some fun to make the time pass. The class was informative for the experienced grillers or newbies like myself. The instructors were very knowledgeable and engaging and the class flew by.  Mike and Scott really went above and beyond with their Southern hospitality. I left class feeling inspired and informed enough to conquer my own smoked brisket. 

The class covered everything from how to chose the best Texas pits, different types of brisket and grades, trimming and cutting techniques, rubs and seasoning options (pictured above), wood selection, a smoke profile smell experiment (pictured below), managing a firebox, timing and temperatures, and how to ultimately serve your finished product. 

The brisket that we tasted at the end of class was seriously the most flavorful, tender, and smoky brisket I have ever experienced. It was balanced, juicy, and melted in your mouth. I have had brisket all throughout the state of Texas and this was in a league of its own. BBQ sauce would only ruin a brisket this delicious. That is the true test- the meat should shine on its own and this one made my taste buds dance.  

I can’t wait to recreate what I learned at home and will definitely be gifting some classes to Brisket U and Ribs U to friends soon. This is the perfect Father’s Day gift for all the men in your life, a great birthday gift, or gift for a new college graduate who wants to impress friends at backyard cook outs. There is currently a Father’s Day promotion going on that you don’t want to miss!

With the Father’s Day gift box, you will receive a BrisketU class voucher good for any class (Brisket or Ribs U), an awesome BrisketU pint glass, and a large 16oz. container of their award-winning Graduate Spice Mix for $89 and free shipping. Each gift is hand packed in an attractive red box perfect for gifting.  BrisketU guarantees all gifts for Father’s Day will arrive on time with free shipping when you place your order by June 12th. You can order your gift here.

Brisket University offers classes multiple times throughout the month at breweries throughout Houston- what better way to start your weekend than with brisket and beer. Hope you enjoy as much as I did! 

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